Lemelson Reports FYE '23 Results, Files Motion For Attorney's Fees Related to Fraudulent SEC Charges

Q4 Net returns: 84.68 percent - FYE 23 Net Returns: 383.02 percent

CIO Files Motion to Recover More than $1.7 Million in Attorney's Fees and Costs Related to Fraudulent 2018 SEC Charges

Jericho, New York, January 11, 2024 —Lemelson Capital Management, LLC (LCM), today announced Q4 and FYE 2023 financial results, as well as a January 10, 2024 filing of a motion in federal court by the firm's CIO, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson, to recover more than $1.7 million in attorney's fees and costs related to fraudulent charges brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2018, which resulted in a substantial victory for Lemelson in a November 2021 trial.

To access a copy of the motion, click here or see below.

In the Q4 period ending December 31, 2023, performance was 84.68 percent net of all fees and expenses based on preliminary unaudited results.The S&P 500 TR (the "benchmark"), which includes the reinvestment of dividends, returned 11.69 percent during the same period. 

In the FYE period ending December 31, 2023, performance was 383.02 percent net of all fees and expenses based on preliminary unaudited results. The S&P 500 TR (the "benchmark"), which includes the reinvestment of dividends, returned 26.27 percent during the same period.  

"We are satisfied with our significant, long-term outperformance inception to date," said Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson, Chief Investment Officer, LCM. "Separately, today's motion, seeking over $1.7 million in attorney's fees and costs, sends a message to prosecutors hellbent on ignoring the constitution.  Their willingness to lie and burn through millions in taxpayer dollars to expand the unconstitutional power of the administrative state and to 'silence' their critics is disgraceful," Lemelson added.

During the 2021 prosecution of Fr. Emmanuel, the lead SEC prosecutor called Fr. Emmanuel “a top hedge fund manager with top results in the world” and stated, “Apparently, those results are based on lies… that’s the key part of this scheme.” A Federal jury rejected the SEC’s bogus claim he engaged in any scheme based on lies.  And Fr. Emmanuel’s extraordinary performance has not been challenged since.

As a former Senior Trial Counsel and member of the executive staff of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement recently observed in a Reuters article:

“Not only was the jury unconvinced by the SEC’s showing with regard to misstatements, the jury outright rejected the SEC’s fraudulent scheme charge; the jury also found the SEC failed to prove a negligent, reckless, or intentional violation of the Investment Advisors Act by Lemelson or LCM. . . .The Commission brought the widest array of potential claims against Lemelson and his company, and his decision to fight the charges paid off… He also succeeded in protecting his advisory business and the fund it managed from any liability whatsoever.”

LCM will host an investor conference call on the FYE 2023 financial results today at 8:30 a.m. EST. This call will also be available for replay for approximately two weeks after that.  Register for the call here

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LCM periodically provides information for investors on its corporate website,, and its related site, This includes press releases and other information about financial performance, reports filed or furnished with the SEC, information on corporate governance, and details related to its annual meeting.


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1 The returns reflect a hypothetical day-one, full-fee-paying investor.  

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