skechers shoeOn November 29th, 2011 Amvona published the article “Why we’re still buying Skechers stock”.  The article indicated that shares in the company had been purchased for investor accounts between $11.86 and $12.77 per share.

Here were a few of the reasons for the purchase outlined at the time:

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going_downSKX fell almost 8 percent on Tuesday after an analyst said it may have overestimated demand for its toning shoes. He downgraded the stock to "Sell."  From Bloomberg:

“Sterne Agee analyst Sam Poser said Skechers has more toning shoes inventory than it can sell as sales of the specialty shoes slow. Poser said he has seen the shoes at discounters Ross Stores Inc., TJX stores, which include T.J. Maxx and Marshall's, and Costco, selling for $39 to $52.99. That puts pressure on Skechers partners like Famous Footwear, where the shoes sell for $59.99, Poser said.”

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Two Great Brands - One on sale. SKX and NKE

Wednesday, 17 November 2010 19:01
Virtually all marketing promises more than a product can deliver.  This is particularly true in retail consumer marketing.    If Marketers didn’t seek this outcome, we would not be living in such an acute consumer driven society.  On some level, almost all products have the latent and subtle promise of somehow making our life easier, and better.  There is nothing new about this.  It is a promise that always goes unfulfilled in the long run, which is why we have to keep consuming.
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